Be Here Meow.

“Surrender to what is. Let go to what was. Have faith in what will be.”

This look was put together around this sweater I purchased from FOREVER21. It caught my eye because of the cat – guilty cat lady over here haha. No, but seriously I picked it up and read what the graphic stated.. ‘Live In The Meow’. Pure genius. I’ve had that phrase in the back of my head since forever. Reminding myself if I ever forget – Be here now. Live in the moment. This is your life, live it right, live it well. Collars peeking out under sweaters is definitely a trend I began to love. Although living in Hawaii, layering isn’t something one does when choosing an outfit for the day/night. But when I shot this look it was in December 2014 where we experienced our coldest winter in years!



In this look I am wearing..

‘Live In The Meow’ Sweater – FOREVER21 | Collared Tank Button Up – GOODWILL | Skater Skirt – From Seoul, Korea | Anne Klein Bunty Chelsea Boot – Macy’s | Classic Wayfarer – RAY-BANS


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