Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams.

“I need to believe that only I can chase my dreams. That only I can light the fire in me. That no one can break me, unless I break myself, and only someone else can help me carry the pieces. I need to believe that I am different and I am full of love. And if I live every moment believing then the chaos in my heart will be a beautiful thing and the world will cease to forget my name. I just need to believe.”
– R.M. Drake





Another outfit from December 2014 – My main piece I wanted to focus on this outfit was this Faux Leather Vest from a brand called ‘Live A Little’. The color of this vest is heavenly in my eyes. That dark army, olive, hunter green has been the color to always catch my eye – besides black & grays. I paired the vest with earth tones and neutral colors to go along with my background of my mystic backyard. The tribal print shorts are made with this amazing fabric – feels like a blanket my Grandmother sewed for me as a kid. I especially love the pop of red these shorts have. Wishing I had used my Sephora ‘Always Red’ lip stain with this look! Next time!



In this look I am wearing..

Live A Little Faux Leather Vest – Macy’s | Quarter Sleeve Leotard – FOREVER21 | Tribal Print Shorts – FOREVER21 | Dolcetta Harness Heel Boot – Urban Outfitters | Classic Wayfarer – RAY-BANS


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