Here With Me.

“Calling your name in the midnight hour. Reaching for you from the endless dream. So many miles between us now. But you are always here with me. Nobody knows why, nobody knows how, and this feeling begins just like a spark. Tossing and turning inside of your heart – Exploding in the dark.”




My mother is born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She moved to Oahu when she was 18 years old to persue her interest in film and photography. Where she then met my father and the rest is history. She recently went to visit my aunty and her family and brought back some goodies for my sister and I. This cropped “fuzzy like a bear” sweater was one of them. I love how my mom knows exactly what both my sister and I style is. Mothers know best I guess! I paired this cropped sweater with a pair semi high rise coral faux suede shorts I purchased at FOREVER21 awhile back for only five dollars! Such a score! I adore the scallop trim of these shorts and will be wearing them a lot more when Spring/Summer arrives.

Hawaii, why have you been so chilly lately? I’m ready for the heat!



In this look I am wearing..

Fuzzy Cropped Sweater – Miss Hong, Made in Korea | Suede Scallop Trimmed Shorts – FOREVER21 | Buckled Wedge Booties – Ross | Classic Wayfarer – RAY-BANS


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