The Simple Plan For Life Is Change.

This video I put together couple months back was used with an application called Videofyme. I’ve been apart of this “video sharing Instagram feeling” for over 2 years and actually made myself a following of 15K! This application is based out of the UK so it’s only natural that my videos of the beautiful island we live on will catch their eyes. Editing videos with this application was so user friendly and simple. With many different flitters, endless time amount, controlling of high speed + slow motion, and adding music to the background straight off your iTunes! Choosing the perfect song for my videos was always the most fun but challenging. Getting each clip to flow perfectly with the beat – The struggle can be very real.

Sadly one day while creating a video I realized that I wasn’t able to use any of my iTunes as the background music – but now the app music provided for you categorized by moods. I went along with it and picked a song that worked well with my video and just thought in my head “copyright issues and they probably got busted”. Few days later I wanted to show a friend of mine a video I created awhile back. I pressed play and the video began – with no sound. Everyone of the videos I created in the past had the music taken out of each and everyone. All my work, all that time spent, gone. Luckily I have some videos saved on my iPhoto so I have created a YouTube account where I will be uploading them again and more in the future.

My bedroom is always changing. It’s crazy to watch this video and see how my room is now – many new things have come, many old things have gone. The simple plan for life is change – don’t ever be afraid of it. Embrace it and let it lead you to bigger and better things.



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