Keys&Krates | TheRepublik

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Keys & Krates is an electronic band from Toronto, Canada. “We make weird rap beats for the weird kids” they quote about themselves – Wicked and weird for life! I have been a fan of Keys & Krates since back in 2005 when my homie showed me a mix they did of the famous track ‘One In A Million’ by the incredible; unforgettable artist Aaliyah – track was put on repeat!

One of the main reasons I decided to pack my bags and leave my home here on Oahu is because of the lack of music artists coming out to share and perform their music. San Francisco was my destination to finally explore and experience a wide range of various artists and attend music festivals. Now, six years later and officially moved back home, Hawaii has finally stepped up their game! Bringing various of different artists down that be including Keys & Krates!

Like it says above, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” I sadly wasn’t going to attend this show because of me waiting too long to buy my ticket at the box office instead of online (trying to avoid that service charge). Ticket prices went almost double. Driving home from my epic day at Lanikai beach and kayaking to the Moke Islands I wondered what I was going to do on this Saturday night. Then I received a magical text message from a friend of mine which an extra ticket! I danced of pure joy and happiness in my room while freaking all of my cats out of the room, hahaha. And to top it off we got to stay in Waikiki at a hotel! I seriously was so grateful and appreciated all the good things that came by way. Spread positive vibes and energy & it will soon come right back at you! Just wait and see!

During the show I literally had my SnapChat on the entire show! Or at least the parts where I wanted to share with everyone who wasn’t there. My SnapChat story became almost 800 seconds from my entire day..  As Ice Cube would say, “It was a good day!..” Mashed up all my SnapChat videos of Keys & Krates set – definitely doesn’t live up to being there and in the moment. But none the less that’s what photos and videos are there for, to remember and reminisce of the good times.



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